Because Orbit MDM provides information transformed from volumes of raw data, it is a vital element in providing Enterprise Information to the utility.

  • Compatible with industry AMI systems, CIS systems, MultiSpeak Interfaces
  • Adaptable to current meter hardware from leading meter providers
  • Installable Cloud-based hosting or on-site hosting for data storage
  • Responsive to any meter read interval and daily recap reads
  • Reports for engineering, customer support, operations, maintenance, and executive review, addressing all utility department needs
  • ONE Product for electric, gas, water & other adaptable services
  • Specifically addresses all utility departments
  • System and individual account/meter/transformer/substation/ transformer  loading & study information access

Enterprise information that goes much farther than receiving and recording data read from meters is needed in today’s business environment. Orbit MDM provides organized and structured forms of data to other utility systems like CIS, Billing, Customer Support and Engineering support systems. How you utilize that data to improve your Utility Enterprise is crucial to the understanding the value of Orbit MDM.