AMR and AMI devices collect meter readings electronically and provide that raw data through the AMI structure and to the Orbit MDM system.

  • Data includes event such as alarms, tamper, leak detection, low battery, reverse flow and many other metric-type information
  • Interval meter reading data and log meter events are also sent to Orbit MDM
  • Data analysis provides energy use profiling, time of use billing, demand forecasting demand response, rate of use, leak detection and flow monitoring, conservation enforcement, as well as remote connection and shutoff capabilities.
  • Data validation, estimation and editing (VEE) identifies potential problematic data

As that technology has advanced, additional data was captured and transmitted to the MDM system where the data is presented as graphical and visual information and stored as both raw data and formatted information. Along with the formatting of data into information for the different and disparate departments of a utility, Orbit MDM provides levels of security to match the needs of these departments. This presentment of information by Orbit MDM provides the ability to establish clear workflow processes as well as an overall health summary of the utility enterprise.