From a Dashboard report screen that quickly provides a snapshot of the major health key points of the utility to the detailed 15 minute demand and usage reports, Orbit MDM performs filtering and aggregation of system provided meter collected data.

  • Meter audit reports such as Bad Meter Reads, Vacant Accounts with Non-zero Average, Hi/Low Reads, and more
  • Customer service reports such as Customer Usage Summary, Location Report, Meter Interval Consumption Report, and more
  • Engineering reports such as Transformer Loading Statistics, Meter Summaries for Associated Accounts, Transformer Report for Associated Accounts, and more
  • Operational reports such as Newly Added Meters, Silent Meters, Daily Substation Data, Blink Count Report, and more
  • Diagnostic reports such as Meter Data Verification, Daily Reads by Vendor, Meter Register Read Verification and more
  • VEE reports such as VEE Views of System, VEE Views per Meter, Daily Consumption Verification, Meter Usage Verification and more

However, filtered single-use reports do not address the effects of combined data across a utility enterprise. From simple to complex analytics, tools are available today that offer the ability to systematically identify problem incidents as well as be proactive in preventative processes.

Orbit MDM has several hundred reports that are provided as standard reports with most all being available in viewable, file and/or web services presentment. The additional ability to address information direct from an addressable device as well as combine data from non-associated devices and then analyze that data using simple and complex analytic techniques is a strength of a modern MDM system. These analytic views are very apparent in the Transformer Load Study and other engineering use views of Orbit MDM. Many analytical presentments such as the immediate review of revenue erosion from a rooftop solar installation as well as negative revenue progress analysis anytime in a month are other examples of analytics applied to real world utility company needs.